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Sunday, November 15, 2015

日本語のクラス - Japanese Class

My school year's going to end soon and I'm pretty impressed with how much I've been able to do with my language, especially in terms of writing. I've learned my first 20 kanji (from Lessons 3 and 4 of Genki I in case you're following along! ^_^). It may seem a little slow to you but at the pace I'm going, it'll help the letters stick better. Also, the winter classes will be fast-track so I'd better work hard!
My final lesson is about simple prepositions: それから (and then..)、だから (and so/that's why...)、& でも (fellow otakus will know this one. For the kids, but)。I need to figure out how I can make sentences out of these. But since my Japanese is pretty bare bones right now, I signed up for a writing site called Lang-8 (the 8 standing for infinity - it's under the same name as my Twitter and tsū handles djmk4life. Feel free to message me in French or Japanese!). Speaking has been a struggle since there's fewer opportunities for Asiatic languages to get the practice compared to Romance languages (thank God for Francophone relatives!). A lot of YouTubers have been mentioning HelloTalk and I have a membership for my French speaking so adding Japanese is a no-brainer.
Overall, I'm having a wonderful experience with the Japanese language and I know when it's time to have my adventure in Japan, it will be fabulous!
I'll update here more frequently from now on. Since it's Thanksgiving Break (and my last day at that), I felt like writing something more detailed.
Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to speaking with you all again this Friday! :)
PS - I know I've been signing most of my posts here as TM while on the radio as DJ MK. They're one and the same. I tend to use TM as my offstage persona while DJ MK is me being on. Hope that clears things up!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Long time no post - AKA Why I've been on Twitter > here

Hey fellow Magicians,
Hope you all are doing well. I certainly have been doing well. I'm finally taking steps towards my dreams of being immersed in Japan more completely. I'm taking a 105 course in Japanese and I'm so excited for all the things I can do with my new Japanese skills. It's been astounding with the number of sentences I've been able to read and write (without kanji - that'll be coming in the next few weeks!), the basic conversations I've been able to have with my classmates - domestic, foreign, and Japanese, and many other epiphanies.
I've been posting frequently about this on Twitter and my Mixlr show. My blog's been falling by the wayisde either due to trying to make time to write or unsure of what to write about - which is astounding considering the number of games, movies, shows, etc. that exist out there. But I also have some pretty high standards when it comes to my original content from my radio show to my podcasts. Add schoolwork and a long fiction project on top of it and it doesn't make a condusive environment for producing all new material.
But I'm settling down to my new life and my show format and I'm happy. My Twitter account is now my  most updated social media I have so that's where the majority of my interactions will be. However, I'll be typing on this blog whenever I can so be sure to look up here for updates. (I'm also planning on updating the header - I know it's a mess at the moment). You can also follow me on Wattpad. I'm in the process of my first published fan-fic based on the Assassin's Creed universe. The first few chapters will be up by NaNoWriMo season. Both of these are under the handle DJMK4Life.
Finally, I just signed up for tsu. I love using social media to interact with you guys and I want some way to give back via awesome content, original stories and experiences, and most importantly treats and moolah. With tsu and your awesome support, it'll be a whole lot easier to do all three. If you love social media as much as I do, give this site a shot. Every bit of original content liked, commented, and shared means compensation for tsu, me, and YOU! And when you do the same, you and all your friends win too! :) If this kind of thing interests you, feel free to sign up under my referral link -  http://tsu.co/DJMK4Life. It's no joke. I've done the research, a lot of my favorite YouTubers are using it, and it's legit. I only sign up for things I truly believe in. ;)

My radio show this semester will be at 11am-12:30pm EST on the Basement (WVUD 91.3 HD 2) - Fridays as usual! Feel free to post song or topic requests on my Twitter feed @DJMK4Life.

Stay gold my friends!
<3 DJ MK

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love always wins!

This is DJ MK sending some love to my fellow Magicians from the American LGBT+ community. Rejoice and be glad.
I admit - the news didn't hit me until this afternoon when I had my radio show. But I knew there was some sort of reason I was playing love songs today besides getting over a mild case of HDD (Historical Drama Disorder - not a fun thing to have during the weekend).

There's still lots of hurdles to jump. But we'll take it one day at a time.
Single, dating, or married, stay gold my friends. ❤️💛💚💙💜💗

PS - I finally got a Twitter account! Follow me on @DJMK4Life!
PS 2 - There's no MK on Mixlr tomorrow due to illustrating someone else's love story. But I'll be doing a makeup episode on Sunday so keep an ear out! Check out my past episodes here: http://mixlr.com/djmkonmixlr
PS 3 - Also, I'll be off the FM on July 3 due to ID celebrations. But MK on Mixlr will be at its usual time and place. 6pm EST. My page. Be there.

Friday, June 12, 2015

MK's Summer Meltdown

Hey fellow Magicians!
DJ MK's back for the summer with a new block - MK's Summer Meltdown. Basically it's the Mahou Kunoichi Show but with more music, fun, and a new time. Tune in at 1:30pm EST on 91.3 HD-2 for the nerdy entertainment you know and love.
And of course, Mixlr shows are still on - both post-show and Saturdays at 5-6pm EST!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Month-Long Blogging Hiatus is Over!

Hi my fellow Magicians,
Pardon the long delay in posting. I'm finally settled down onto my laptop ready for action! I did have some emotional matters to settle before I was able to write again so thanks for your awesome patience!

<3 DJ MK

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Magician's on Hiatus? It can't be!

Hello fellow magicians,
I've been doing okay. Sorry for the scare this weekend. I'm still getting over some of the shock but I know I'll be okay.
As you may have heard through my Mixlr broadcast on Sunday, another amazing artist has been lost this year. Music has been a huge part of my life and being able to see it come to life in front of you is an amazing privilege. It's even better when a person personifies that kind of magical talent. However, it's been hard since he's also a personal friend of mine. So because of that, I'll be taking a brief hiatus to take some time to grieve. Rest assured, I'll be doing some more content.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Fun Friday - Radiothon & New Look

Bonjour mes sorciers! (that's magician/wizard in French by the way)
I know I haven't been updating this blog in a long time. But I finally finished the new header for my site. It's still in the perfecting stages in terms of size but at least you'll have a brief preview of how it looks from up top. I also have some blog posts and videos I'll post up here. I've been vlogging and recording more than I've been writing! It's nice to have a break, especially with the intense focus of Camp NaNo and poetry creating. But it's also nice to check in with your magician's circle every once in a while. Thankfully I'm still alive and working at full capacity so at least you don't have to worry about that! :)

Be sure to tune into my Mixlr tomorrow and listen to my Mixlr discussion at 5pm EST! Also if you're able, please support my home base at WVUD by giving a gift to our station. Any gift, big or small, makes a huge difference. The funds will go towards keeping our broadcast equipment up-to-date and repairing our station. It's getting to renovation time! (http://wvud.org)

Thank you for supporting me for one year. Cheers to another one!

<3 DJ MK

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Mahou Kunoichi! (魔法くのいちたんじょびおめでと!)

Hi my fellow magicians!
Today's my half birthday as well as Mahou Kunoichi's birthday!
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I've started my blog. I'm glad that I've been able to keep this blog going. The blog's vision is ever changing but the goal is always the same - entertainment and the real world can co-exist. I'm still adapting to this new persona but I'm having fun every step of the way. I love being exposed to new music, watching new shows, and learning new things overall.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interest Monday - Internet Broadcasting and K-Pop

Hi my fellow magicians!
I've ended my radio hibernation and now I'm back... sort of. I tried out a new medium last week called Mixlr and it's a live broadcasting service. I did my first episode of my online show MK on Mixlr and it's about my experiences with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and my review on Sailor Moon Crystal's first season. You can easily recap it on my Mixlr page by clicking on the banner below. The best part about it is that I can talk to you in real time during my broadcasts via the chat box. But even if you can't jump in live, you can still answer questions that I'll post every episode and respond to them right away.
My live broadcasts happen every Saturday from 5-6pm. This episode will be about the lore of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in honor of KH2's 10th anniversary. I may give a little swing to a 50 y.o. sci-fi series as a bonus for those who stick around! ;) My episodes will be only an hour long since I can only broadcast an hour at a time with the free membership. My ultimate goal is to go longer. If you could help me, even if it's a small gift, I'll be eternally grateful. :)

DJMKonMixlr is on Mixlr

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday - Double Annoucements!

Hello my magicians!
How is everybody doing this winter? I know this is super late but it's still January so this greeting is still valid.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 明けましておめでとうございます!

And with a new year comes a new show and experiments. Season 3 will be coming up in the second week of February (specifically on the 13th). While I'm still working out the timeslot, it's looking like that the show is going to revert back to its 1 hour length - this time at 11am-12pm. Those who are in the lunch rush, feel free to jump on in to 91.3 FM HD-2 or wvud.org and look up the Basement. February is also going to be the start of Mahou Kunoichi month since the 7th is when this site started and March was when the radio show came along for the ride. Expect a lot of story-telling! :)