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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Long time no post - AKA Why I've been on Twitter > here

Hey fellow Magicians,
Hope you all are doing well. I certainly have been doing well. I'm finally taking steps towards my dreams of being immersed in Japan more completely. I'm taking a 105 course in Japanese and I'm so excited for all the things I can do with my new Japanese skills. It's been astounding with the number of sentences I've been able to read and write (without kanji - that'll be coming in the next few weeks!), the basic conversations I've been able to have with my classmates - domestic, foreign, and Japanese, and many other epiphanies.
I've been posting frequently about this on Twitter and my Mixlr show. My blog's been falling by the wayisde either due to trying to make time to write or unsure of what to write about - which is astounding considering the number of games, movies, shows, etc. that exist out there. But I also have some pretty high standards when it comes to my original content from my radio show to my podcasts. Add schoolwork and a long fiction project on top of it and it doesn't make a condusive environment for producing all new material.
But I'm settling down to my new life and my show format and I'm happy. My Twitter account is now my  most updated social media I have so that's where the majority of my interactions will be. However, I'll be typing on this blog whenever I can so be sure to look up here for updates. (I'm also planning on updating the header - I know it's a mess at the moment). You can also follow me on Wattpad. I'm in the process of my first published fan-fic based on the Assassin's Creed universe. The first few chapters will be up by NaNoWriMo season. Both of these are under the handle DJMK4Life.
Finally, I just signed up for tsu. I love using social media to interact with you guys and I want some way to give back via awesome content, original stories and experiences, and most importantly treats and moolah. With tsu and your awesome support, it'll be a whole lot easier to do all three. If you love social media as much as I do, give this site a shot. Every bit of original content liked, commented, and shared means compensation for tsu, me, and YOU! And when you do the same, you and all your friends win too! :) If this kind of thing interests you, feel free to sign up under my referral link -  http://tsu.co/DJMK4Life. It's no joke. I've done the research, a lot of my favorite YouTubers are using it, and it's legit. I only sign up for things I truly believe in. ;)

My radio show this semester will be at 11am-12:30pm EST on the Basement (WVUD 91.3 HD 2) - Fridays as usual! Feel free to post song or topic requests on my Twitter feed @DJMK4Life.

Stay gold my friends!
<3 DJ MK