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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

State of the Dojo - Querying Bill Nye, Meeting Joe Biden, and I'm Published!

Hey peeps, DJ MK here.
While I'm in the middle of producing other material, I have some good news. My poetry and two of my photos are going to be featured in the University of Delaware's annual English magazine Caesura. This is my first time going for a college publication so the fact I was able to pull this off on my senior year is amazing (yes I'm graduating and I wished for denial via the Genie).
But 2017 hasn't stopped the action so far. Bill Nye the Science Guy came to campus and I had to ask a question about arts and sciences working together (because they're always better together, if his show's not any indication ;) ) and of course gave one of his fun answers.
Bill Nye also said Rehoboth Beach is one of his favorite places for summer vacation. I was fortunate to have a retreat a few weeks later at Memorial House. The best part of that place is it's near the pier where Fun Land is located (back in season May 13th!). One of my peers mentioned that Rebecca Sugar cited Fun Land for her show Steven Universe and the region where the show takes place is known as Delmarva. That's inspired the playlist for this week's show (well that and Thor: Ragnarok) and I'm excited to share that with you this week. [The poetry event got moved to May so I'm back this Thursday.]
The excitement didn't stop there. Earlier this month, former Vice President Joe Biden came back to the University of Delaware to speak with students and faculty about the Biden Public Policy Center. Prior to the speech delivery, I got to take a selfie with him as well as other professors and students. It was great!
Guess Wayne Gretzky really is on point with that quote - the one you see in high school hallways all the time:
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

If you don't get something down, that's the equivalent of not making progress on a gaming level. I didn't really understand that quote until now. You really do need to get your foot in the door and that means actually making an effort to get something down, to take that trip you've wanted to do for years, to start up a blog and write. Many people get terrified just taking that first step because they don't want to look like a fool on their first shot.
To all of those pioneers I've been lucky to meet, thank you for helping me take that first shot. If you have yet to take your first shot, go ahead. Give it a go.

Much love,