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Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday - Double Annoucements!

Hello my magicians!
How is everybody doing this winter? I know this is super late but it's still January so this greeting is still valid.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 明けましておめでとうございます!

And with a new year comes a new show and experiments. Season 3 will be coming up in the second week of February (specifically on the 13th). While I'm still working out the timeslot, it's looking like that the show is going to revert back to its 1 hour length - this time at 11am-12pm. Those who are in the lunch rush, feel free to jump on in to 91.3 FM HD-2 or wvud.org and look up the Basement. February is also going to be the start of Mahou Kunoichi month since the 7th is when this site started and March was when the radio show came along for the ride. Expect a lot of story-telling! :)

I've also been experimenting with new formats for my blog. I've added a chat room to the side panel so that if you have song request and don't feel like running to G+, you can easily add them on the side bar. I'm still working out some kinks to the system but it should be working before MK Month starts. My YouTube channel will be back up and running soon too. I'm still trying to find some modes of backup for my content! Stay tuned for that!

Finally, I'm starting an independent project on Mixlr called MK on Mixlr (unoriginal, I know. But it's way easier to find!). During times when I'm off-season or on hiatus (like this present period), this is great to get your DJ MK fix. When it is on-season, I can cover more topics that my show won't cover since it's predominantly the music on Fridays and for Season 3 it's a much needed addition! The best part is that I can talk with you in real time! It will also cover exclusive magician content such as my other activities and plans for 2015.
The first episode will be done live TOMORROW (SATURDAY) at 5pm. The discussion will be about season 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal and a portion of Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Rest assured if you miss it, Mixlr will save a copy of the broadcast so you can easily recap everything. :D

If you enjoy my programs and want to keep my missions going, feel free to send some love whether it's through sharing my content, commenting below, or supporting Mahou Kunoichi directly through small gifts.

Thank you so much for standing by me my fellow magicians. Here's to 2015 to be the year dreams come true!

<3 TM

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