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Saturday, January 6, 2018

明けましておめでとう, or 2018 feels so promising already & my new donation page

Hey peeps,
Hope you're having a great 2018. Though it's only 5 days in, already things feel really exciting for 2018. Besides the tech upgrades and gratitude rituals, the roster of upcoming films, games, and tv shows has material everybody can get excited about. I'm not sure if it's just the newness of the new year or it's 2018 in particular but it feels like there's a gorgeous tinge of optimism and motivation all around (and I'm totally okay with this).
I'm also enjoying the Twitch marathon of Yu-Gi-Oh extensively. At first I wrote off the series after the  original series ended its run in the US. But after watching 5D's this week, I'm hooked again. Though I've never been competitive with Yu-Gi-Oh, going through this marathon has had me looking up decks again and restocking the classics. It's even gotten me curious about the other summoning methods (pendulum and accel). I know in the end it's elaborate marketing, but for me it's more of a card playing nostalgia factor. Anything that gets me closer to my inner child is a win-win for me.