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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Mahou Kunoichi! (魔法くのいちたんじょびおめでと!)

Hi my fellow magicians!
Today's my half birthday as well as Mahou Kunoichi's birthday!
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I've started my blog. I'm glad that I've been able to keep this blog going. The blog's vision is ever changing but the goal is always the same - entertainment and the real world can co-exist. I'm still adapting to this new persona but I'm having fun every step of the way. I love being exposed to new music, watching new shows, and learning new things overall.

The original mission was for the blog to show my comeback into the martial arts world but it turned out to be something more than just a platform to vent my nerdiness out. It became a way I could share what I learned, my feelings and thoughts and be able to have a dialogue with you. Granted I haven't exactly been consistent in terms of writing, but I think it's a huge part of experimenting with a muse. Part of it is trying to find out how it wants to express itself. So far it seems to enjoy my livestreams and radio broadcasts a lot. But now it seems to be making a gradual comeback to other mediums.

I update my YouTube channel sometimes. I did my last upload a week ago around when Snowstorm Juno hit my house. The videos may be more of a monthly thing but I hope to be able to do them more often as time goes on.

I'm also starting season 3 of my radio show this Friday at 11am EST on the Basement. It'll be followed by a post-show discussion on Mixlr @ 12:30pm. On Valentine's Day (Saturday @ 5pm), I'll be doing a special romantic-themed show on Mixlr and I'm requesting from fellow otakus and magicians like yourselves to have fun and participate. Basically, I'm formatting my show off of Jadeite's Midnight Zero program (best known from the classic anime series). I'll read love and advice letters and them play romantic music afterwards. Sounds sweet, doesn't it?  

And you can be part of the action! 
Just write a letter to your favorite character - manga, anime, video game, movie, musical bias, you name it - it works. You can write as yourself to a character or in the voice of one character to another.

Finally, Mahou Kunoichi will be slowly going back to its martial arts roots. This time, I'm following Terry Dunn's Chi Kung routines. I'm trying to adapt the Training Wednesdays to be as consistent as possible since I'll admit - 3/4s of the training Wednesday posts are not exactly training-related. I've been exercising every single day and I'll post some of my routines here. One thing's for sure - exercise does make a huge difference in energy levels. I'll be sure to document my progress here. :) The monthly video may also help in that respect.

Thank you for supporting Mahou Kunoichi in its first year. Here's to another year and many more to come!
Hope the heater (and ) is not roasting you too much this winter!
<3 TM
PS - Totally forgot this from my Crystal review. WISEMAN'S VOICE. Need I say more?

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