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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pre-order - KH 2.5 HD ReMiX

I was originally going to wait to start shopping on Cyber Monday but then I realized that I wanted to pre-order Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for my PS3. Although I already have all 2 PS2 games (and I prefer their versions music wise), my PS3 doesn't support them so it's mainly for reliving the nostalgia, playing the games I didn't have (358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep) and getting my cousin into them since she's been seeing the vids on YouTube a lot.
The first game was a greatest hit collect I got for Christmas. But the second game will always be special because it was my very first pre-order. I saved up the little cash I had and then my dad went to pick it up while I was at school. It's significant for me because I worked hard for something I wanted and it was the first time my dad overly supported my gaming interest because he also got me the strategy guide.

Kingdom Hearts will always be a significant mantle on my gaming wall because it taught me to cherish a lot and be wild with my ideas because you never know if they'll actually work out spectacularly. Sora wasn't even supposed to be the protagonist but now he's one of the most memorable gaming characters of all time and he made Mickey show much more of a badass side.

I'm super excited for picking it up after class Tuesday. If I decide to do a YouTube video, I'll post it up here on my channel DJ MK Off the Air!

Thanks for staying tuned and hope everybody had a great holiday!
<3 TM

PS - You're not insane my fellow Magicians and Keyblade Masters. I didn't have an episode yesterday due to Black Friday. A girl's got to recharge her powers somehow! In my case, Cyber Monday's where it's at.
Rest assured I will be back this week with a nod to Kingdom Hearts this Friday followed by a special interview during Finals Week! (It's our very first one too - don't miss it!)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Interest Monday - Minute-Long Comedies

Hi my fellow Magicians!
Hope you enjoyed All Hallow's Eve on Friday. The station's wi-fi temporarily went caput thanks to the Headless Hessian but thankfully everything's alright now. Hopefully it won't be a problem for this week's episode.

I've noticed a trend in Japanese anime nowadays. Reflecting the extremely short attention span and the audience's limited free-time, minute-long performance piece have started to experience a surge in popularity. For those who don't feel like watching a full length 45-minute show or having a huge number of unwatched DVRs, these shows tend to last between 1 to 15 minutes and manage to compact the best parts of a feature length episode. The best part is that you don't have to necessarily watch these shows in order so if you miss one, continuity is not an issue.
A lot of full length shows are starting to take notes from this format and their plots have transmitted more effective messages to their audiences - a triple crown!