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Thursday, October 16, 2014

DJ MK's Finds - Attack on Crystal

You knew this had to happen at some point.

YouTube user Blique Shi made the Sailor Moon Crystal intro time perfectly into the intro version of Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan. The channel also features a reverse adaptation of AoT's intro to MomoClo's Moon Pride. A little piece in honor of Crystal Saturday! Get prepped for Episode... 9? I'm losing track! 0_0

I just got a new job so that I'll have enough money to go for cons this year and possibly some cosplay and gaming outfits. (I have almost nothing in my line of work other than games, manga and unwearable merch!) I've also had to run some performances outside of the station - yes, DJ MK has commitments outside of Mahou Kunoichi - so episode 26 has been pushed to this week. Get excited for the show!

<3 TM

PS - If you're into BL/Yaoi and happen to be in the Greater Philadelphia Area, check out Nijicon @ Valley Forge this weekend. It's their first year out so they can use the support (plus all attendees and volunteers get a free manga). Also, for those webcomic fans out there, I've heard HamletMachine (Starfighter) and Z.A.N. (Ziska, Aleksi and Nym, Grave Impressions) are going to be there!

PPS - Also, since Halloween's falling on a Friday (AKA MK Show Day), we wanted to do something really fun this year. We want to start a new segment on the second our of the show called Otaku Stories. They can be as absurd, hilarious, or as horrifying as you want them to be. All you need to do is post them in the comments or jump on the G+ page DJ MK Off the Air. Your plot could be on-the-air for loads of people to enjoy!