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Sunday, April 24, 2016

I haven't done an all-日本語 post so why not try one?

みんなさん 今日は。 元気?
今年は日本語106をべんきょうしてる。 クラスはちょっとむすかしい。 でもたのしくておもしろいですよ。よくけい語をはなしていました。いまダメ語をべんきょうしる。英語でカシュアルです。毎日日本語をはなしてない。じかんをあらない。ずっといそがしです! でもラジオにはなしてショをする。ファンが好きですよ。大学生とブロドカ-スタ-です。私もブロガ-です。毎日かきる。

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#LVup - How I'm Taking My Nerdiness to the Next Level

Hello my fellow Magicians! Or in this case, my fellow Clerics and half-elves.
I'm an otaku and I'm really proud of being one. Thanks to this part of my living, I've been able to make good friends, enjoy interesting content, have fun adventures, and to do many things I wouldn't have dared (broadcasting and blogging to name a couple). This year, I've been thirsty to take my nerdom a step further. I admit though - I didn't think D&D was going to be the next deep dive.

Monday, April 11, 2016

New blog segment coming up - LevelUp

Hello fellow magicians,
I love to find ways to expand my nerdom further and I decided to make a segment devoted to just that. Thus, I'm starting a new chapter called Level Up. My new article will be coming up soon, documenting the first journey I'll take. To give you all a hint, it involves a heavy amount of imagination and a set of dice.

Take a look at this baby and keep a lookout for it on future posts! They'll be archived later on in one of my pages I've recently installed. (one of my recent attempts to make the blog user-friendly - more detail on that later.) If you have any suggestions about my next frontier, send me a tweet or a comment with #LVup!

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Stay awesome! :)
<3 DJ MK