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Sunday, November 15, 2015

日本語のクラス - Japanese Class

My school year's going to end soon and I'm pretty impressed with how much I've been able to do with my language, especially in terms of writing. I've learned my first 20 kanji (from Lessons 3 and 4 of Genki I in case you're following along! ^_^). It may seem a little slow to you but at the pace I'm going, it'll help the letters stick better. Also, the winter classes will be fast-track so I'd better work hard!
My final lesson is about simple prepositions: それから (and then..)、だから (and so/that's why...)、& でも (fellow otakus will know this one. For the kids, but)。I need to figure out how I can make sentences out of these. But since my Japanese is pretty bare bones right now, I signed up for a writing site called Lang-8 (the 8 standing for infinity - it's under the same name as my Twitter and tsū handles djmk4life. Feel free to message me in French or Japanese!). Speaking has been a struggle since there's fewer opportunities for Asiatic languages to get the practice compared to Romance languages (thank God for Francophone relatives!). A lot of YouTubers have been mentioning HelloTalk and I have a membership for my French speaking so adding Japanese is a no-brainer.
Overall, I'm having a wonderful experience with the Japanese language and I know when it's time to have my adventure in Japan, it will be fabulous!
I'll update here more frequently from now on. Since it's Thanksgiving Break (and my last day at that), I felt like writing something more detailed.
Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to speaking with you all again this Friday! :)
PS - I know I've been signing most of my posts here as TM while on the radio as DJ MK. They're one and the same. I tend to use TM as my offstage persona while DJ MK is me being on. Hope that clears things up!