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Friday, August 22, 2014

Fun Friday - Season 2 So Far...

Summer vacation's coming and going.
Personally, I'm not ready for it but I know I have to get back into the normal grind soon.

I've been trying to get the first episode of Gaming Frustrations shot as promised but so many things have been getting in the way - my laptop's getting above capacity (and I have been deleting and backing up stuff!), equipment's running out of charge or I'm like the Vicar of Dibley in the early morning hours. Everything's not really syncing up just right. Just getting the first few good videos up was a challenge!

But rest assured I'm going to keep trying until the ideas I have in the Great Big Book of Everything come to life. It's a pretty purple notebook I keep my ideas in and I carry it everywhere. Even if it's a super obscure Disney reference, I believe the ideas have a magical quality of some sort. :)

Thanks so much for being patient. I have 8 other lip-sync vids I'll upload during this interval. I'll try to get the first GF vid up by Labor Day Weekend so stay tuned!

<3 TM

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