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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fun Friday! - Mahou Kunoichi Season 2 & DJ MK's now on YouTube! :)

Hi my fellow Magicians!

There's a lot to celebrate today besides the great weather we've been having this summer. Mahou Kunoichi has officially started its second season. I changed up my show format but it still has the classic MK feel. I switched up the tunes for my title, weather, con announcements and news. Most importantly, I'm going to go for more diverse music and I understand some things are going to be outside my comfort zone. While I'm on a college radio station where I can play whatever I want, it's time that I learned how to master the art of mass appeal so that way I don't get too repetitive on my tracks. I may have some days where I don't feel too fully prepared. But I'll do my best to make sure those kinds of days are few and far in-between.

I also started up my YouTube channel, DJ MK Off the Air on the 14th of this month. I uploaded my first video today. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to edit and upload my original hi-def video due to my laptop capacity being overloaded at the moment. But rest assured, it will be up as soon as I've got the space. :) So I've put on a placeholder so that it has some activity.

Since the sound's not too good on my web upload, I'll sum up the video's content:
Off the Air is a project independent of my radio station work so the show is not connected to WVUD in any way. Whatever I can't cover during the 1 1/2 hour time slot of my radio show or whenever I can't make it to the studio, I'll cover it in great detail on my channel. I've got a couple of "shows" planned for my channel. One is called Gaming Frustrations - things gamers, geeks and nerds think about in-front of and away from the controller that just seem too peculiar. The other one is called My Mad Fat Otaku Diary. I'm still determining the format for that series but it'll be fun to do.

I'm very new to the film medium in terms of actual publishing. I'm used to being in front of the lens but not in a live format. I've done a student film role and have been recorded performing before. But it's still a rather fresh medium for me in terms of being the film subject. I've mostly been the director, the editor, the writer. I've always dreamed of being a star but I've never tried to become one until now. It's something that's going to take a lot of time getting used to.

Made this in an hour this morning using the library's Cintiq tablet. A new drawing record! Also, it's my first time using a Wacom. ;)
Thanks for the support the past few months. よろしくお願いします!
Stay tuned for more exciting material! :) I'll still have my radio show every Friday 10-11:30am. (I just scheduled my classes and my timeslot still remained open! How awesome is that?)

<3 TM

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