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Monday, August 11, 2014

Memorial Monday - Robin Williams & Self-Awareness

Hello my fellow Magicians,

A beautiful talent has moved into the realm beyond our conscious reach. Robin Williams -  a comedian and multifaceted actor - has passed on this morning. He's enchanted our TV and film screens with laughs and tears, made gaming a comfort for loads of gamers and Disney kids and was a social advocate both on and off-camera. Though we will have the comfort of seeing 4 more new works in the 4th quarter of this year, he will still be greatly missed.

Social advocacy can often be a double-edged sword, especially in industries that involve creating your own efforts. It can be very easy to fall into the deep end, sometimes without even realizing it until it's too late. There are too many examples of this and it's not only in the early 21st century we live in. It's a lot easier to see thanks to social media and internet archiving.

Robin Williams did meet much of the depression criteria - he's an artist, he's been through many serious health conditions before and unfortunately may have been successful at a suicide attempt. (This info will be updated once we get more info later this week.) But there are those who are unacknowledged in the statistics and studies due to the stigma of hearing the word depression or the concept of depression is non-existent in some communities. Or even worse, because of how specific the symptoms are and the criteria of diagnosis being a super-wide window as 2 weeks, it's easy to assume that the condition "doesn't apply to me."

Well, I say it doesn't matter.

Depression is nothing to mess with, my friends. Research is showing that depression shows up in other ways besides melancholy. It can be fatigue, irritability, anxiety. Heck, forget lack of interest. Sometimes doing the things you enjoy can feel like an extra hurdle and you can tell it's NOT the creation hurdle. It's difficult to witness a best friend, a parent, a peer going down that road and for those who have walked that path before, it's terrifying just thinking about the possibility of going back..

If you feel off in some way, don't wait. Reach out to somebody. Don't blame yourself. Don't think of yourself as a bother. Let the help in and take your time processing it.

Unfortunately there are cases like Robin Williams where they may have done all they can and still fall under the shadow. But don't forget - there are many more successful cases of people emerging from depression and having wonderful lives. Look at the multitude of YouTubers online and artists speaking out. Look at all of the support forums available. There are many ways to get out of a dark tunnel. You just have to be willing to see the light.

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't Give Up

I hope this post has helped you get through a difficult time or will get you through one.

There is still hope and love in the world. Don't give up!

<3 TM

PS - I was going to announce something related to the Mahou Kunoichi Show but it'll have to wait until Wednesday. Stay tuned!
Also, I had one of my wisdom teeth removed last week so that's why I didn't sound too peppy last week. I'm still having some pain but it's a lot better now. :)

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