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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mahou Kunoichi on the Air Waves!

I have a little announcement to make. (Cue reporting music)

Glorious Fanfare (≤ 4 stars) - Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST

 Mahou Kunoichi is jumping on the airwaves of 91.3 FM on The Basement starting Friday, March 21st! Yes, you'll get to hear the voice behind the posts as well as great music live every Friday from 10-11am. I'm super excited for this opportunity as not only will it be my first time working on the radio but also it'll be great to hear more views from readers (and listeners!) like you. :)

Click here on Friday 10-11am for the livestream --> Hello! ^-^ /

Rest assured - I'll still do my regular posts. The last few weeks have been busy between class sign-ups and papers but I'm settled now. Feel free to suggest topics, do song requests and any other recommendations. For all you know, your idea and song could end up on the air!

Hope everybody's having a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

<3 TM

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