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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Throwback: Power Stone

I miss my Dreamcast. The games on that system helped me get through those tough days at school and training whenever things got tough or wanted to celebrate a "great" achievement whether it's mastering a new technique or doing my math drills correctly in less than 5 minutes. Power Stone, in particular, is the ultimate test of what I've learned and the resilience of my resolve off the mat and out of the desk.

My godmother gave me a Dreamcast for my 7th birthday and the first game I played (and completed) was Sonic Adventure. When my older brother came to the US, we bonded over the fighting (and racing) genres with Dead or Alive 2 - which I'll cover in a later post - and the Power Stone series. Power Stone stuck with me because even though the fighting physics were in anime proportions (literally), the characters and settings were charming enough that I always thought of them even when I put down my controller. Plus because of its open field combat - one thing that no other game to date has imitated except Fusion Frenzy - I felt like I was the master of my surroundings as well as the character I control on-screen. Even decades later, @ my last con in 2013, I still had that ease of mastery. What really stuck out to me was the diversity of the characters. Each character had their unique strengths and attributes and even in their most powerful states, they were still vulnerable. That made them a lot closer to human nature.

Even though Power Stone has had an HD PSP re-release, it would be great if it jumped back on the console where it belongs or have the game's characters be considered for the next Marvel vs. Capcom game. Edward Falcon made a cameo in Ultimate MvC 3 but as a card rather than a playable character. Like what Nintendo did with Kid Icarus and Capcom releasing MegaMan 9 to show that classic game play is still relevant to the modern world, it's time that Power Stone is reintroduced to the world.

But then again, it could be my nostalgia talking. ^_^
I have a Dreamcast now and a local gaming mecca happens to sell previous and current gen games for a bargain. I'll stop by there as soon as I have the time and the cash. :)

Have any fun memories of Power Stone or anything similar? What were your favorite systems when you were young? Leave comments below. I love commentary!


<3 TM

A/N - For those not familiar with the game, here are some vids from the game and the anime. I watched the anime around middle school. Apparently, there are still tournaments going for these classics. If anyone knows of one occurring in the Northeast, let me know! :)

 Dreamcast Gameplay - my favorite characters are Falcon, Ayame and Rouge. Jack used to scare me a lot as a kid. He was Power Stone's equivalent of Voldo down to his WALK, sketchy history and love of blades. Now I look at him as a boss to be reckoned with.

Also, the intro still gives me a rush. It was probably my major inspiration for being a traveler and a martial artist.

Anime Intro (English) - Power Stone... (Power Stone) knows the answer. Let 90s kids have fun with their themes no matter how cheesy. :)

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