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Friday, December 5, 2014

Training Wednesday - Version Français

Bonjour mes chers sorciers!
I've got a little announcement for you. I just got done with my French 107 course and I really want to improve my skills with you. I've noticed that a lot of my readers (and most hardcore otaku, gamers, and even gaming itself!) have come from France and Canada. So I've decided to start up Mahou Kunoichi Version Français.

My French language is still rather elementary so rather than do the full fledged reviews and discussions right away, VF is going to have completely original content and it'll start off with a more letter-like format. Once I get more comfortable with the language, it'll follow more along the lines of VO's format. I may even do some translation work of my past posts!

VF will be updated once a week. If you also want to help me out with my French adventure, comment below and we can work together!

I'm looking forward to exploring this new horizon with you. I hope you have fun and enjoy the new page coming soon on Mahou Kunoichi!

<3 TM

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