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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DJ MK's Throwback - Puffy AmiYumi

While on the way back from last minute Christmas shopping, the chorus from a Puffy AmiYumi song played in my head. I wanted to play it while in the car but I couldn't remember the name of the song and my phone was being used as a GPS so I couldn't look it up right away.
I knew that the song had a Christmas feel despite it not being a Christmas song. All I remembered was that the song ended on the word shiawase de.
So I looked up Shiawase and the song didn't sound quite right. But in the relevant searches, I saw the song December. While it was a leap of faith, considering the sound I gave it a shot.

Sure enough, it was the right one. :)
Puffy has enchanted my childhood and musical experiences. I'm surprised that I haven't played any of their songs on the MK Show but that's gonna change Season 3.

So as a little throwback to childhood and great music, here is December for everybody to enjoy. No matter what faith you have or even if you consider this time a celebratory time, I hope 2014 was sweet to you and here's to 2015.

<3 TM (via my iPhone)

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