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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Training Wednesday - Blog Updates!

Hello my fellow magicians,
I believe that training's not only limited to the physical and mental states but also the digital sphere as well. So I've looked through Blogger's features in detail and looked through some apps to make the experience as streamlined and efficient for you as possible. The blog always needs improving. If you know of something better, go ahead and refer me. :)

  • First, I've added a fun Japanese phrase of the day app so that you can keep a lookout for those phrases in any anime or J-drama! スゴイ!
  • Second, I've also found a really nice poll application. So far it's been working spectacularly - I've got 5 responses! Keep them coming! :) I love that the content, response type and the color scheme can be customized. The fonts are really pretty too.
  • Finally, I managed to get the free radio stream program online and it's automatically tuned to the Basement! ^_^ The best part is that it has a clock so all you need to do is press play when it gets to 10AM on Fridays to listen to the Mahou Kunoichi Show. I'm still recording episodes so if you do need a recap, let me know. (I'm still trying to find a media site that I can stream my recaps. Thank you for being super patient with me on my search.)
I'm also working on an appearance overhaul of the site and many other methods of delivering interesting content to you so stay tuned! Website management is an art but its success is mostly through trial and error.

Art by AxsenArt (単所日オベデト!)
I was originally going to make the Senshi Power Hour a two-part episode because Monday was Usagi's birthday and Friday is the day before Crystal's premiere. Since it's Independence Day, Episode 16th is happening next Friday (6/11). Rest assured, there are themes buzzing in this mind palace and I'm sure I'll be able to do a proper same-week 2-parter sometime this summer. ;)
Art by TholiaArt
The next episode is themed around the Summer of Love. It won't be too difficult to find awesome tracks with the abundance of shoujo, dating sims and yaoi/yuri out there. But that doesn't mean I'm limited to those things alone! Video game tracks and Asian dramas are fair game as well! If you have any song requests, post them in the comments - I love recommendations!

I'm starting to feature some fan-art on here. I may even show some of my own art in time but I love showing other people's talents. Hopefully it'll inspire you to do some things of your own. :) It feels good to be back in my writing element.

Even though there isn't going to be a show on Friday, there's still going to be content! Hope you're having a good summer so far and stay cool!

<3 TM

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