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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hanging out at a limb, defending the daimyo

Hello Magicians,
I know I haven't had a show in two weeks nor have I written on here in a while. This summer proved to be a lot busier than usual. Besides more training prep in the fall, I also have fiction stories to write and an imperial family to protect. Therefore, if you see huge gaps in time between posts and shows, don't be surprised. I'm still alive.

I'm also working on some other platforms for the MK show and to keep constant content whenever I can't make it to a computer. It'll also make it easy to see updates and my status on this. (I know, very un-ninja like but it's social media. A girl's gotta chat and eat too. ;) )

Hope your summer has been going great and I'll post the time for my next show. Stay tuned!

<3 TM

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