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Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy International Sailor Moon Day! 単所日オベデトウさぎーちゃん!

Awesome image by KuroStar!

Yes. The time has finally arrived!

Sailor Moon is coming back to our screens once again. And I think that this time, the show's not going anywhere. Viz Media just bought the rights to the original series and the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal. The original series is available on Amazon Video, Viz Media's Neon Alley, Google Play and Hulu (and I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix took a leap of faith). The tankobons have been re-translated and re-released.

Long story short - access to Sailor Moon media has gotten a lot easier than before.

My inner magical girl is rejoicing right now because not only is it the Moon Bunny's birthday today (or should I say bunnies), it's also the MK show's longest episode to date with almost three hours of content! Believe me, there's a lot to be proud of, my fellow Magicians. Years of petitioning, re-watching, archiving and speaking out and about have finally paid off!

If you're new to the series, I highly recommend watching a few episodes of the anime or glancing the manga since Crystal's link to the manga will be tighter. If you're already familiar, hope you're having fun reliving the nostalgia as much as I am!

Here are some sites that I highly recommend to preserve your Senshi energy as well as some cool finds of my own. ;)
  • MoonPrincess.com - I love this site and it's great especially if you're a hardcore Moonie who wants to speed through the "trilogy" in one seating. In fact, there's a "novelization" which covers the events of all 5 seasons in chronological order. Press Moon Kingdom to get a move on!
  • The Oracle : BSSM Encyclopedia - Even though it hasn't been properly updated since 2009, the site is still gorgeous and the info is very detailed. It covers everything from the anime to the manga and even touches on SeraMyu and PGSM! So if you want something comprehensive, this is it.
  • Meetups - This is a good use of social media: meeting up with other Moonies! There are loads of ways you can do it. Facebook, Twitter, G+, ProBoards, Tumblr even Meetup.com. Go on - start looking!
  • Sailor Moon Wikis! - Project WikiMoon & Sailor Moon Wiki - These two keep on top of their information. So if you're unsure about continuity or characters, stop by these sites and consider your questions vanquished in the name of the Moon! ;)
  • Sailor Moon Hoodies! - SixonClothing is a great shop if you want to have your VG and anime fashion blend in with everyday wear and it does the outfits justice and at an affordable rate. Many blogs and one of my college buds have references Rarity's Boutique (inner scouts only). They're good for a custom fit and insurance of quality.
  • Other Merch - Bandai has announced that R's Moon Rod will be a part of their Proplica line. There's also limited edition jewelry, brooches, compacts and much more. Hot Topic has been coming out with a lot of Sailor Moon merch in the last couple of years. It may be a good place to check out if you want a little dash of sailor fuku in your fashion. Sailor Moon Collectibles is another good site when you're hunting for affordable and quality Sailor Moon items and merch.
Sailor Moon Crystal will be simulcast on NicoNico, Hulu, Neon Alley, Crunchyroll and many other sites this Saturday July 5th with new episodes coming out every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. The original series can be streamed on Hulu and Amazon and expect some DVD/Blu-ray combo announcements! :D

Happy Moonday everybody and have sweet dreams of your Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Uranus/Neptune or Starlight Prince(ss) tonight!

<3 Sailor TM

 PS - I finally christened my new HSV (Hyper Space Vessel). She's called Tsumiko. Images will be posted soon! ^_^
PPS - Check out this fun article from IX Daily. It really got my nostalgia going!

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