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Monday, July 17, 2017

DJ MK's now on Twitch!

Hey peeps, DJ MK here.

I got back into videos but not in the way I imagined. I'm back via video games and Twitch. My friends kept on saying video games have been super integral to my life. I didn't realize how integral until doing my current series.

I watch let's-players everyday. I read competitive gaming stats even if I don't necessarily play some of the titles. I even make that crazy dream of one day playing competitively despite being well-past the average age bracket let alone not being the usual demographic in almost every sense. But these things are alive and well even with the trials of college, funds, and my stubborn tendency to procrastinate.

TL;DR - I'm glad I'm able to share more with you, especially getting back into the gaming and streaming communities. If you want to play with me or have titles to recommend, don't hesitate to message or comment. I'm open to doing more multiplayer games and any gaming advice. My favorites are in fighting, city building, RTS, and action-adventure titles.

So come and join me in my adventures on Twitch and YouTube. I've been broadcasting everyday at 2pm EDT. But I'll let you know if schedules change via Twitter, Twitch, and Discord.

Stay gold my friends and I'll see you in the next episode!

<3 DJ MK

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