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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year, New MK

Hey peeps,
DJ MK here.
Originally I was going to take a hiatus this January and focus solely on writing blog posts and livestreams on weekends. But I couldn't stay away considering that this year's my final year on the station and my undergrad life. The show's doing its final Deep Freeze special on Tuesdays 12-1:30pm this month, then switching to Mondays 12-1pm for the remainder of the semester. It's really interesting how I started off on the end of the week and now I'm ending my time on the radio waves at the beginning of them.

With a new year, there's a good amount of revamps I'm planning for Mahou Kunoichi. Here's a small overview of what's to come for the site and my endeavors.
  • My YouTube channel is getting revived. It'll mainly focus on vlogging, original content, song covers, and booktube (on the audiobook side of things). I'm still going to do the occasional let's play. Asagao Academy did get some good footing but it may end up phasing out to personal gameplay since playing it with OBS takes a toll on my current resources.
  • Expect an increase in livestreams! Due to this year being my last year on the local station, I'm going to increase my Mixlr usage significantly after I graduate. I'll upload all my radio episodes on SoundCloud. For the most part, it may remain a once-a-week thing with the holiday specials.
  • Hello guest posts! I'm going to write more of what I love and what I love is getting to interact with you the nerd community. Whenever I do guest posts, I'll be sure to post them under my Portfolio page.
  • You're going to see more of my self here. In the beginning of this process, I've been hiding away a lot more due to marketability purposes. But as I've gone on with my work over the years, there's a lot more I want to cover and expand upon. The biggest mission of Mahou Kunoichi is to make sure every person has a home in this magical community and I feel I can o this best by showing more of myself through the previous plans and talking about the things I really care about like my self-acceptance and social issues to address through our media. I believe people have an easier time to dream and achieve what they want when they see it in a concrete fashion. I hope my work will make a contribution towards that, however small it is.
This year is going to be full of adventure, self-discovery, and creativity. There's no one else I'd rather share it with. Happy 2017 and stay gold my friends!

<3 DJ MK

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