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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nerds Step Out for Justice! - The Women's March on Washington

Hey peeps, DJ MK here.
I had to take some time to process everything because last Saturday was a big turning point in my mind (well that and do a massive catchup on my dramas and homework. It's actually gotten me better at writing Sailor Moon-like headlines. Can you tell?). The march has shifted my thinking in many ways but it has especially changed and reaffirmed how I've looked upon the nerd community.
I attended the sister march in Newark and they expected only about 300 people to show up. Thinking back on the crowd now, it was probably more like 500 or 600. Of course I can't show up to a march like that without my Sailor Moon shirt (and so glad I did). Seeing Carrie Fisher's image everywhere also cheered me up. I felt like I was part of the Nerd Justice League or something!

It's one thing to have solidarity with other people online but another thing to be able to do it in person. There's a reason why physical protests are really popular. That presence is really beautiful. Of course, there are some who can't do this right physically whether it's distance, ability, or just lacking the permission to act. However, there's more than one way to protest besides the obvious picketing and shouting supporting messages.
  • Write letters to your local senators, leaders, and supporters
  • speak your thoughts and listen to some
  • share with kindred spirits via social media
  • enhance your spiritual side or whatever side you've been ignoring for a while
  • reflect on what you truly believe in (and it doesn't have to be religion)
  • take some time for yourself, your family, your friends, etc
  • draw, write, act, sing, do anything that makes you come alive.
Most importantly, do not give up on that last bullet point because that's going to fuel you for the days to come. If there's one thing I will never forget through my time in the nerd community and the other communities I'm grateful to be a part of and to have experienced, every person is special and has a place in this world. Every person has a right to be be who they are without fear. Most importantly we need to help each other. Like the rights our ancestors and predecessors have worked so hard to obtain and maintain, we have a lot of work to destroy the destructive narratives we carry within and around us. But I know we can do it. Maybe Zarya is really onto something.


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