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Saturday, November 12, 2016

State of the Dojo - October/November 2016

Hey peeps,
Sorry for the long radio silence but I have a lot of updates that I need to share with you.

1. I'm voicing an audiobook coming soon on Audible & iTunes!
I've mentioned this on my Twitter page. I'm doing an audiobook with Grey Sun Press and Raven Oak. It's my first VA job! The book is called Amaskan's Blood and it's the first of a fantasy trilogy. I love a good fantasy story and Raven Oak's plot captivated me on the first read. The purchase link for the book itself is under my Portfolio tab. The audiobook's release date is March 2017. Until then, feel free to keep track of my progress on Twitter!
Special shoutout to Zachary for letting me know about ACX and a huge thank you to Raven Oak and Grey Sun for giving me this opportunity!
2. NaNoWriMo
Besides blasting Twitter with my useless commentary I've been extremely busy with a project of my own. My Assassin's Creed plot took on a life of its own this month. I had to get everything down. It started off as Rose of Versailles mixed with Journey and AC mythos. But as I've gotten further into the story, it's turned into Fuyu no Semi mixed with Outlander. (It's probably not helpful that I have 2 other stories in my brain as well as catching up with season 2 at the same time.) Nevertheless I have to get it down. Whether or not this gets published heavily depends on my bravery & TPTB. Once again, if you want to take a look @ my progress, click on the word counter on  the sidebar and it'll take you to my profile.
3. Vlogging & SoundCloud
As the holidays have started to kick in, I've been able to vlog much more than usual. I also have been learning some more shooting and editing skills. Expect some uploads to my YouTube Channel soon, including my first con in 5 years and International Games Day!
I also gotten some requests to have my episodes more widely available and I'm working on it. It'll all be compiled on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure (and yes, that includes my Mixlr material).

My life (just like my material) has gotten pretty diverse lately so let's enjoy what the world has to offer. Thank you for being so patient on the writing end of things. More content coming up!
Stay gold,
<3 DJ MK

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