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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun Friday - Summer playtime... with cats?

Hey peeps,

Hope the summer's not melting your face off! Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, in that case freezing. Or at the equator which in that case, enjoy the perfect weather!

I took a huge slowdown this summer. Usually I'm busy with something whether it's a volunteering project or work. But this year I decided to take a genuine vacation and it's been strange not having to write religiously or read a roster's worth of novels, or sweep through thousands of songs on my list for work (but I still do that for pleasure - habits die hard!). As a result I haven't been creating much content here or for myself and the most updating I've been doing has been on Twitter and the occasional Google+ post.

Except yesterday where I had to play a movie (we're in serious need of a movie tech upgrade), I haven't even touched my PS3 since I got on break and since I'm going abroad next month, I may as well do some catchup on my plot points before I leave the States. However, the time that I would be using on console games I've been using on mobile gaming instead.

I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi a lot (especially with the special E3 packs), Miitomo, and one game my cousin recommended to me called Endless Sky. But there's one that's been on my mind constantly. I've come late into this game but I've been in love with how simple it is - not forgetting to mention how adorable it is.

Ladies and gents, it's Neko Atsume. Of course, being an otaku, I had to cover it at some point, wouldn't I?

ねこあつめ or Kitty Collector was first released in 2014 by the gaming company Hit Point. I first found out about this game in passing and it mostly served as meme fuel in webcomics or some of my gaming circles. I downloaded the game last month just when they released the version 1.6 expansion. I fell in love with the game easily with the simple gameplay and watching the cats in a state of play and rest. All I have to do is make sure they have plenty of food and entertainment and they'll come and fill your backyard! Yesterday (6/24/16) was the most full I've had with cats. I ended up staring at my kittens for almost half an hour before snapping back to reality and back to my usual Spotify surfing session. For something so simple, it's been so enchanting. Whenever I get wound up trying to create something or stressed and the nearest shelter is over an hour away, a switch to the Neko Atsume app tends to be all I need. Taking pictures of the cats has also been fun too.

I've been working towards the backyard expansion now since I've gotten the hang of figuring out what cats enjoy playing with and eating. I try to add a new item everyday so that new cats come every other hour.

It's official. I've got ねこ fever. But I'll work to get away as much as I can to finally finish KHII FM+ and blog more. I've missed getting more in-depth with you and it's great to get back in the saddle again. :)

Stay awesome this summer and I'll see you next post!
<3 DJ MK

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