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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#LVup 1st D&D sesh TODAY! :D

Today I'm playing D&D for the first time! Technically this should've been my second time round but due to unforseen circumstances, I ended up being a prisoner of an anti-magic colony. My DM's been having a lot of fun with this situation and it's been fun trying to come up with things I could do until game time. He also referred me to a great site called DnD-Spells so that I don't have to go flipping through my guidebook every time I want to chose a spell

To give a little backstory, Maylin (aka Mataari) is a half-elf born in the region of Ostia, where magic wielding is a highly praised position. (I'm still determining whether it's genetic or a result of family devotion.) Magical power is a legitimate and praised ability among humans and elves. So when Maylin was chosen as a cleric, naturally a lot of other half-elves saw it as their chance to prove themselves worthy under the guise of two societies. However, all Maylin wanted was a peaceful existence with her family and to find her human father. So she went westward towards the borders of the goblin and orc kingdoms, going on nothing but instinct and her human family name that he may be there.

This is in the midst of when the region was about to end a long standing feud between the orcs and the goblins. However the orc leader who was in the process of delivering peace talks to the region was assassinated before they were to begin and his successor (his son) suspects the goblins for sending the assassin. My presence and my team's presence in the region is to find out whether this assassination is the result of an ancient feud or something else entirely. Ostia was supposed to be the mediator of the talks so they gained absolutely nothing from this line of inquiry. However, given the stereotypes of the goblins and orcs respectively, they have their fair share of marginalization. One thing both races do share is their hatred and misunderstanding of magical power.

Unlike Ostia, the orc and goblin kingdoms saw magic as a weapon of destruction and mischief. Both sides have ways of dealing with magic users. Both sides use a seal that symbolizes the person is a magical user and has the effect of muting any magic that can cause harm. However, how they're looked upon in some parts of the region is completely different. For some states, the seal is a voluntary process - it may provide a source of discrimination but the seal would be removed after your departure from the region. Other states would see magic usage as an automatic death sentence regardless if the seal disables the capability of harm. And that's the situation I ended up in.

I'm not sealed but I am bound by my hands and verbal spellcasting would be too risky. So the only abilities I do have are what little I can do agility-wise and mental magic. I heard from some of the prisoners that a little girl (race unknown) who was just discovering her abilities got executed. It's very similar to Maylin's own magical discovery except her power was a sign of greater things to come rather than a curse. So how will she navigate a world of opposites and violent intrigue? I'll type up the details soon but for now, I must get ready for battle.

'til next time!

<3 DJ MK

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